Life without technology

We have become the slaves of technology that we cannot imagine a single day without it. However, technology has brought a drastic positive change in our life as well. Our life has become easier and comfortable in many ways. On the other hand, we feel our life is incomplete without technology because we never agree on the point that there was a life when people were living a good life without technology.

Technology lets us dream about the beautiful life and fulfill our dreams. We have gone so far that we do not even remember the time when people had not even the calculator for complex calculations.

Life of a student without technology

A learner, educator, or student’s life will have complications if technology removes from his life. He will have to purchase expensive books for every assignment or project to get help. E-books help us a lot in this way.

Life of a professional without technology

In 1930, there were no computers, typewriters, or any other technology tool to accomplish office tasks like managing documents and finances, etc. At that time, the chances of mistakes were a lot then now. In this time of IT, no business can run well without technology.

Life of housewives without technology

Technology helps women too who are housewives. They manage their family member’s daily routine schedules, cook, and manage kitchen work, nourish children. For the mentioned tasks, technology helps a lot of housewives in the form of digital calendars, kitchen items like ovens, juicers, etc and children stuff like digital flashcards, tablets, etc.In 2019, the survey has presented that 37% of people did not agree on life without the internet while 63% of people were agreed on life without the internet.

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