Think BIG

Everything starts with your thinking. Whatever you do in your life is mirror with your thinking. There are several books on mind power has been published to strengthen your mind, but I would suggest that it all starts from you and you do not need any further assistance for that. I will let you know regarding big thinking but again it will only help you if you decide to be like that.


We see hundreds or maybe thousands of people in a day doing their life stuff that could be interesting or boring. Anyhow, we seek inspiration, that is all interconnected with our interest. We start to think, and passion starts to grow in ourselves for doing something.

Be yourself

Discouragement and demotivation are the factors that every entrepreneur faces while starting something. We never take a start without thinking, it all happens with full of understanding and satisfaction. Some losing minds must come across your way to success and at that time all we need to be ourselves. Never take yourself for granted, be consistent and you will be whatever you want to be.

Surround yourself with big thinkers

Now that is an important part if you are being surrounded by narrow-minded people, you will never grow. Mix up yourself with like-minded people, if you have the passion of writing then try to be a part of the writer’s community. This is how it works, and this is how you will be near to your desired future.

Commit yourself

Big thinkers first commit themselves that whatever the situation will be, they will never leave their track to their future endeavors. If you find yourself in the world of strong commitments, Congratulations! You are a BIG THINKER.

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Maziar Rajabi

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