It is called IT

Ever wonder if you had not any friends in your life, how would have your life be?
We all have a mutual friend who always supports us in making our life leisurely and that is Information Technology. IT has revolutionized everyone’s life and turned from manual to automatic. We have automatic functionalities everywhere from basic home needs to professional needs.

Have you ever imagined if we had not a simple calculator, the calculation would have become terrible? IT helps us to save our precious time and let us improve daily. I am typing this article and thinking at the same time that pencil is replaced by 101 keys board that requires less human effort and work accordingly.

From low-level education to high-level education, the internet helps us to collect data and study material accordingly. There are a lot of online programs that allow us to enlarge our skills which means you do not need to take on-site classes anymore if you have internet access.

Travelling and social interactions have become easy for the lives of mankind, online maps direct you effectively to go to anywhere in the world. Social media has power through which anyone can interact easily and make online friends, build relationships, and have professional exposure throughout the world.

Basic gadgets like smartphones, smartwatches, Bluetooth, power banks, and digital cameras are our daily needs and household gadgets are included as well. The hierarchical structure of technology multiplies and never ends, it grows efficiently, and friendly inventions are increasing on daily basis.

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Maziar Rajabi

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