Life of an Entrepreneur

Hey entrepreneur, your life lexicon is amazing because it has no “YES BOSS” phrase.

The entrepreneur is king, and the queen is his work. Intimacy level surges with time when you realize that you are not born to be ordered by anyone but to order who works under you.

Have you ever imagined those common things that an entrepreneur must have? If not, then I would love to get a little attention from you and let you know the interesting stuff about entrepreneurs.

Born to be independents

They are not those birds who could be caged by anyone, their aims are very robust and steady. They fly high and live like a majestic human. Restrictions are not their cup of tea, they go with the flow, and deep down they are filled with magmas of passion.


“You can’t do it, leave it and change your mind, don’t waste your time by doing this” are the clauses of which they do not even care. They listen to everyone but do what they think is good for them. Their consistency level about their ambitions have chances to increase but never reduce.

Risk takers

The life of an entrepreneur is entombed with a lot of risks. They are spirited and welcome risks to their life with a smile on their face. This confidence and bravery make them more reconcilable and realizes that overnight success is just a myth.

Version 1.0 to Version 2.0

The beginning can never be perfect. Early stages of an entrepreneur’s life suck them and at some point, it suffocates them a lot. De facto, age level bothers and makes them feel stupid but a real entrepreneur rises with a version of 2.0 where they are superior and turn themselves into advanced mode.

It is not that easy how it looks. You have to go deep and let yourself sink into it to become a real entrepreneur.

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Maziar Rajabi

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