Business’s Basics

Have you ever thought of double your revenue?

Or have you ever thought to earn unlimited?

No limited budget/No limited life?

If yes, then you have guts to start your business career. You have the guts to be a career-oriented person and not to be limited. The problem is that we make ourselves limited by our prime but never get satisfied with it. However, business is not everyone’s cup of tea!

Let’s have a look at the points which are the indication that you are a business person

  • Introverts are not the ones who can survive. You must be an extrovert, you need to surge your social networking, meet people talk to them, read their minds because it is the building block of a business person it boosts your way of thinking in a professional manner
  • Leadership should be in your blood. Take the team with you, be a helper first instead of being a boss. Support the team expectations, take advice/suggestions from the team, share ideas with them is all that makes you a good leader.
  • Management skills are rare but the ones who have are way more innovative and they have astonishing skills to complete projects on time, accomplish goals, and meet success criteria. Since 2015, good project management shows worldwide statistics of sharing the project on the delivered time are never less than 80%.
  • Can you sell a comb to a bald person? Funny, isn’t it? But this is called Marketing. A solid marketer must love his products or services and never lost it by saying NO to his customers. If you are a marketer then you must be a good customer service provider as well and the imperative thing about it is that never say NO by saying NO to the customers. Focus on customer’s needs instead of selling. If you are the one who fulfills the client’s requirement then you do not have to supply lengthy rationale.
  • Never limit yourself. Keep on escalating your business. Invest a lot, be a risk-taker. Think big, because narrow-thinker hinders over success.

Phew! The story does not end here but these facts are enormous to be a successful businessman. Add these facts to the blood and then you are just a step away to become a businessman.

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Maziar Rajabi

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