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Who is an Entrepreneur?

Work-eat-sleep is the cyclical form of 9-5 life that never allows you to accomplish what you always wish for. Isn’t it invasive to be employed for your whole life? Take orders but never give orders? If you wish to be your boss then you must have a side hustle.

An Entrepreneur is the king of his world. He is the boss, the runner, the risk-taker and, an innovator. He leads to the new idea of living as an independent, services and offers, unique business models. He rises economic growth by conveying his useful ideas to the world. He is the individual who discovers something newfangled. It can be a startup or company. He is the foundation of a business or project. “A daydreamer with hope” could be the best definition of an Entrepreneur. He believes in generating revenues from his finances. He does not care about any loss he faces throughout his struggling time and it never bothers him to stop.

Why you should be an Entrepreneur?

Everyone must agree with the fact that the Entrepreneurship world has both benefits as well as risks but that is what life is all about upsides and downturns. If any individual wants to lives his/her life ardently then you must have some equity, superior energy and, the stamina that boosts you at every hard-hitting step of your career. Every individual takes initiative for his career according to the market trend. Entrepreneurship falls in various categories like Information Technology, Arts & Design, Literature & Linguistics, Businesses, Agricultural & Forestry, Educator, Management, or Textile & Fashion. Artificial Intelligence is the most popular startup in Australia, the new business entries are 354,520 and the business score is 80.13 in there. Entrepreneurship education is being offered all over the world. If we talk about the US in 2019, the entrepreneurial education at the post-school stage falls in the highly efficient scale line i.e 5.42. Being an entrepreneur, you inspire others by your leadership skills like how you run your organization or venture. Your financial stability increases over time. Quick earning may give you temporary pleasure but it makes you limited. An entrepreneur must be an educator. Your learning phase never halts because of the passion for growing up. You are the director, producer, writer, and lead role at the same time as your life movie. Being an Entrepreneur, you rule your life.

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